The Sunday School Reward Point System

·         Ten points will be earned for each verse recited on time, for the weekly memory verse, the memory verse challenge and the chapter challenge.

·         Untimely reciting will get half credit, except for absence will get full credit.

·         Twenty-five points, one-time reward, may be earned by telling the name of your class and a related story from the Bible.

·         Additional points may be earned by reciting Psalm 27. This is optional.

·         Everyone is given 100 points for behavior. Additional points will be earned by displaying Good behavior, inappropriate behavior will cause you to lose.

·         Five or ten behavior points may be taken away by teachers for any misbehavior during class time weekly.

·         At the end of the school year you may recite all of the chapter challenges at once for five points per verse.

·         Mount Sinai children will get full credit for reciting half of the memory verse. If they say it with the help of older ones will get half the credit.